Riddle revisions to #38

Just a bit more work done on revising the Riddles, so I’ve gotten up to #38. That means the next two are the big Nature-Creation-World riddles which are so interesting but not often put forward as the best examples of the Riddles, though they are both definitely written as riddles (unlike say, #1-3 (Storm) or, … Read more Riddle revisions to #38

Disclaimer Page added!

I added a new page “An Important Disclaimer” to the collection. This is intended to head off some of the more aggravating types of comments I get. I have no interest in affirming your ahistorical faith or supporting your white power fever dreams. Doubt anybody will actually read it before sending me these things, and … Read more Disclaimer Page added!

Riddle Revisions to #31

I finally got back to revising and checking over the Exeter Book Riddles pages, starting at #19 and reaching #31, especially interested in reconciling the ASPR-based text on the Sacred Texts website used to generate the first draft of the translation (convenient for travel and generally as accurate as could be hoped) with the Bernard Muir … Read more Riddle Revisions to #31

Riddle Revisions, cont’d

Managed to claw my way through revising several more riddles. I did 13 through 18. Changes made throughout. In #13 “Ten Chickens” I decided to go with Bernard Muir’s revision of “side þy sarra” for ASPR’s “siþe ne sarra,” which changes the meaning quite a bit. So I used “their sides not more tender” rather … Read more Riddle Revisions, cont’d

Riddle revisions ongoing

Today, I checked over the first big riddle in the Exeter Book collection and made numerous changes, some of them errors, most just where I thought I could sound better. Then I corrected and checked over #8 through #12, but very little was changed there. I am growing more convinced that the “first three” riddles … Read more Riddle revisions ongoing