Precepts is done

I’ve been enjoying the feeling of the Exeter Book wisdom poems, so I just posted “Precepts” and am working on “The Fortunes of Men” next.

Gifts of Men has been added

The wisdom poem, the Gifts of Men, has been added to the body of translations. A link can be found in the menu at the top of the page.

Wife’s Lament done

Here is a page with my translation of The Wife’s Lament, accessible from the menu above.

Soul & Body

The Exeter Book version of Soul & Body [II] has been added to the translation pages, & should be available from the links above.    

The Whale has been added

I knew that something from the Exeter Book wold pop out shortly (of course it helps when you only take that book home in the face of two probable snow days)–and so it has been realized: The Whale (everybody’s favorite Old English animal homily) is now done, and posted in its own page among the … Read more The Whale has been added