Riddle or Not?: The Shield Speaks

Ic eom anhaga      iserne wund, bille gebennad,      beadoweorca sæd,  ecgum werig.      Oft ic wig seo,  frecne feohtan.      Frofre ne wene,  þæt mec geoc cyme      guðgewinnes,  ær ic mid ældum      eal forwurðe, ac mec hnossiað      homera lafe,  heardecg heoroscearp,      hondweorc smiþa,  bitað in burgum;      ic abidan sceal  laþran gemotes.      Næfre læcecynn  … Read more Riddle or Not?: The Shield Speaks

Riddles and Materialism

The plurality of a world of things described in the Exeter Book Riddles seems thwarted by metrical monotony. It is a serious problem that these poems are written using the same meter that appears in all the other written Old English poetry, from Beowulf to the Metres of Boethius. (1) But an important task of … Read more Riddles and Materialism


So just a minor update made recently: “Resignation” is now “Resignation A & B” and I added the split in that poem that scholars have posited since the ASPR was released. I also observed that Muir breaks the very-short “Partridge” into two pieces, the bulk of it tagged “Homiletic Fragment III.” I’ll consider the case … Read more Updates