Many Charms added

Hello! I’ve been hard at work at the Metrical Charms, and have posted the next three in the sequence: “For the Water-Elf Disease,” “For a Swarm of Bees,” and “For Loss of Cattle 2.” They can be found on the appropriate page, right in tidy order. These are pretty challenging, because there seems to be some obscure … Read more Many Charms added

Metrical Charms VI added!

Hello, I just added the remarkably sad charm “For a Delayed Birth” to the Charms page. Moving forward with everything, the charms are weird and seem very late, but they’re not too difficult to get through.

Perils of overexertion… and finding what’s lost

Now posted is the very useful charm, “For a Sudden Stitch,” just in case you find yourself with a painful side while hiking or cycling or swimming. Basically good for wherever you are in your Iron Man races.Also posted there is the charm “For Loss of Cattle,” good for discovering your keys, smartphone, or remote.

What they got against little people?

The odd little charm “Against a Dwarf” has been posted to the Metrical Charms page. Still completely at sea about the danger of small people that would require such a routine be taken in their presence.

Not all the herbs listed…

Posted now is the second of the Metrical Charms, “The Nine Herbs Charm.” Not sure all nine of them are listed there, but whatever.

The Metrical Charms has been started!

The extremely convoluted first of the Charms, “For Unfruitful Land” was completed and posted today. My dad (an inveterate gardener) promised me he would try out this lengthy procedure in case his backyard ever proves intractable to his botanical cajolery.