Meters of Boethius completed!

Meters XXXI was just posted on the website, and with that the entire collection is completed. Now to find other things to work on…

Meters XXX now up!

The end is coming soon — Meters XXX is now posted upon its proper page. Just one left to go to have the whole Meters of Boethius translated, and to round off the bulk of what can really be translated on this page. Still working on “The Riming Poem” and that’s going slowly due to … Read more Meters XXX now up!

Meters of Boethius XXIX posted

Hey there! Meters XXIX has been posted! That was the last long one left to do, and only two short lyrics remain. This was another meditation upon the orderliness of the stars as evidence for a creator, so it was kind of cool to work on.

Stargazing with Meters XXVIII

Meters of Boethius XXVIII has just been translated and posted to its proper place. We’re getting close to the end here, gang, with only 137 lines lefts in the Meters to do.

Meters XXVII posted

A strangely vivid Meters of Boethius (number XXVII) has just been added to the page. It was short and I figured I could get another one done today if I tried. Just four left to do–two of which are fairly long! Wow!

Meters XXVI added!

Hi there — Meters of Boethius XXVI has been added to the collection. I don’t have much else today to do but translate, so it’s possible that XXVII will follow along before the end of the day.I started “The Riming Poem” as well, but am having trouble with some words which don’t appear in Bosworth-Toller: … Read more Meters XXVI added!