I recently went through the entirety of Juliana in my translation group and many many changes and fixed many errors and unsightly readings. It is vastly improved, I think, a better translation and more accurate. 

I am starting the immense process of checking every line of verse on this site, word by word, comparing each poem to the most up-to-date edition and reconsidering variants and emendations. For ease of working in the field, I used the Anglo-Saxon texts appearing on the Sacred Texts website, which are usually word-for-word copies of the ASPR. I did this so I didn’t have to carry around a lot of books where I went, but realize that scholarship may have progressed past the readings of those hoary-cheeked veterans. So the process of checking goes forward, necessarily very slowly.

I got through Riddles 4 through 7 tonight, using Muir’s Exeter Anthology as my base text. I made a lot of changes not due to inaccuracy, but for musical considerations. That’s much preferable than having to fix mistakes. I produced the translations here very quickly for the most part, over the course of the past ten years, and taught myself Anglo-Saxon as I went. So there will be many things you have doubtlessly seen could be better. I’ll get to them in time.

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