I added a new page “An Important Disclaimer” to the collection. This is intended to head off some of the more aggravating types of comments I get. I have no interest in affirming your ahistorical faith or supporting your white power fever dreams. Doubt anybody will actually read it before sending me these things, and it may even draw some attention from trolls. But it all had to be said.


  • Ironically enough, the Anglican Church (i.e., conservative branches of the Episcopal Church, such as the Anglican Church in North America) is experiencing resurgence in the United States. If anyone, through these texts, comes to feel an affinity for the “Angelcynn” worship tradition, you may be interested in that denomination.

    I’m looking forward to the companion page: I know you’re translating the Blickling Homilies – any plans for Aelfric’s Sermons Catholici (last translated, I believe, by Benjamin Thorpe) or those of Wulfstan II of York (“Sermon of the Wolf to the English,” etc.)? Also, any future plans for the West Saxon Gospels and Psalms? There is an online edition by James Wilson Bright (1907/1910); the most recent critical edition was compiled by Roy Liuzza but is unfortunately quite rare and costly. Why not just read the Vulgate in translation? Well, I’m wondering if there are subtleties in the Anglo-Saxon word choices that might reveal something about their way of thinking. The Old Saxon Heliand is quite illuminating, for example.

    At any rate, I hope the trolls and whatnot don’t discourage you. You are doing a great service to history and I hope some day you will formally publish your work for posterity’s sake.

    • Thank you for your kind words, sir. I’m excited about getting deeper into the homilies. The plan is to eventually translate every single extant homily, whether it’s in a big collection or smaller one. Blickling will take me a while, and then my plan is to move over to Vercelli, and then Ælfric’s two complete series after that. Wulfstan will follow, then I’ll start looking for the more obscure texts. Lots to do.

      Publication is not really on my radar, as I would lose the accessibility and flexibility the website provides. I hope the community will take me seriously even if it’s not paid-for. I have plans to start soliciting peer-review from leading scholars and even to have the website reviewed in major journals. That will help my visibility as well.

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