I just made it through the first revision run of the Exeter Book Riddles, completing the last thirty or so. I noticed that Muir renumbers ASPR, so I changed the numbering to match his (he just gives each of the two double riddles one number, and then splits one of Krapp’s riddles at the spot where they think there’s a missing folio]. That might make it hard for one to figure out where you are, but after about 76, just subtract one from the ASPR numbering to find the right one here.

From here, I might as well keep going with the other Exeter Book translations, just for ease of transition. Probably will be the “Poems of Contemplation” for starters.

Also, revision work was done to “The Wife’s Lament” and “Resignation A.” The latter really needed it badly, there were parts that didn’t make any sense, and several skipped passages. Much better now.

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