Fate of Apostles posted

Had an afternoon where writing wasn’t pressing so I decided to crank out quick version of Cynewulf’s “The Fate of the Apostles” from the Vercelli Book.

“Godu” in Juliana

I have been working through re-translating Juliana with a colleague, and while doing so, I noticed something interesting. Whenever Eleusius or Affricanus refer to their idols, Cynewulf subtly undermines their pagan faith by causing them to indicate those gods as things, that is, in the neuter plural. For instance:“Ic þæt geswerge þurh soð godu” (line … Read more of “Godu” in Juliana

Two new poems posted

Please look for “The Judgment Day I” (the Exeter Book version) on its own page, and the all-too-brief “Partridge” on the Shorter Poems page.Also, finally got around to recalculating the number of lines I’ve translated: it’s gone up somewhat! Now I’m at 20,513 lines out of approximately 30,000 lines total. That’s a little more than … Read more of Two new poems posted

It’s been awhile but…

I know it’s been several months since my last update, but I thought I put up my latest work: the staggeringly-lovely and strange Azarias, the third item in the Exeter Book (well, sixth, if you count each part of the two poems preceding it as individual entries).

The Panther posted

The first of the Physiologus poems from the Exeter Book,”The Panther,” has been posted, where it joins “The Whale” already there. Next up the much-shorter “Partridge.”

Husband’s Message posted!

The incredibly doubtful and weird “Husband’s Message” has been. In most cases I simply read around the many ellisions in the beginning, but in one case, in line 6 [in the original] I adopted a suggested reading: Trautmann’s “hrcyge haeletha hamas gosohte” even though Krapp and Dobbie find it doubtful. I tried to just let … Read more of Husband’s Message posted!