Editing of Andreas

I have recently been combing through the Andreas translation for errors, misreadings, and to improve the sound of the lines. Lots of changes have been made, mostly in how the poem is lineated. I have opted in most cases for a shorter line, more in keeping with the original and after the pattern of my … Read more of Editing of Andreas

Metres IX posted

The ninth of the Metres of Boethius has just been posted, the meditation of Nero and the morality of power. Please find it via the links above.

One-fifth of BW revised

The first fifth of the Beowulf translation is complete, and further revisions are being made to the rest as we speak. Yes, it will take a long time, if I continue to go at the pace of my faculty reading group, but they’re suggestions are so helpful and the process of preparing my words for … Read more of One-fifth of BW revised