Husband’s Message revised

I just got through revising “The Husband’s Message.” Not much changed, minor things here and there, but I did find a pretty egegious error reading “lifgendum” in the final lines as “lifdagum”. Oops. That’s been amended.

Rearranging & revising

“Deor” and “Wulf and Eadwacer” have both been moved from “Shorter Poems” to their own pages. Revisions were also made to “Wulf.” I guess I was a bit inspired by the liberties taken by Craig Williamson in his recent edition, and was thinking about ways to flush out that poem’s mysteries. Hope it sounds okay…

Short revisions today

Just revised “Resignation B,” renumbering it according to Muir, and giving the circumstances of its separation from the first part. It does not necessarily have to be the same poem at all, but the beginning is definitely lost. There is a thematic similarity to the first part, so it’s feasible that it is one poem, … Read more of Short revisions today