So just a minor update made recently: “Resignation” is now “Resignation A & B” and I added the split in that poem that scholars have posited since the ASPR was released. I also observed that Muir breaks the very-short “Partridge” into two pieces, the bulk of it tagged “Homiletic Fragment III.” I’ll consider the case more carefully when I get there, and if a split is appropriate will insert it.

More importantly, I think that this blog post portion of the website would be better used in crafting short scholarly responses on various subjects related to Old English poetry, such as my recent posts defending translation choices I’m making here. Reviews of extant translations would also serve, particularly in light of my recent realization that surprisingly few bring new insights to the poetry they are translating. So some recent translations are in transit to my library and I will get to work on responses to them. As a preview, I am interested in taking a critical look at the recent Dunbarton Oaks volumes recording much of the extant poetry.

Those will reviews will start to emerge in a week or so, as I find the spare time.

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